Sea Eagles Team

In the early 1990s, several parents realized that an opportunity existed to develop a swim team as a means of not only providing an opportunity for children of Sharon to learn and experience a competitive swim team, but also provide the high school swim team with “seasoned veterans.” The program has blossomed into a healthy, collaborative atmosphere where all children have a home and can experience both personal success and success as a team.

To provide an opportunity for Sharon children to experience and learn about competitive swimming.


Head Coach – Ted Schnitzer
Treasurer – Suma Kaveti
Technology – Leo Chen

Adult Coaches – Aisling, Ali, Bing, John, Rob, Sharon, Ted

High School Lane Coaches – TBD

Parent Volunteers

Thank you for helping us run the team:

Bathing Suit Order (beginning of the year only): Hima and Suma
Meet Ribbons: TBD
Championship Meet (Food and Program Sales): TBD
Swimathon: TBD
Year End Banquet: TBD

At swim meets we need your help as well:
Timers (9 people)
Score Keepers (2)
Results Table (2)
Runners (1)

All of our coaches will direct and support the swimmers on the deck during our meets.