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Any Sharon resident between the ages of 6 and 18 who can swim 25 yards freestyle without any aid and/or stopping.  A basic understanding of backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly is also needed.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a competitive swim team.  Any swimmer joining our team must have had prior swim instruction where they learned the fundamentals of each of the four competitive strokes. At our practices, we work on further developing the skills of each of the four strokes to help the participant become a better competitive swimmer.

Team Guidelines:

  2. All swimmers must be 6 years old by November 1.  Age as of this date will determine age group for entire season.
  3. All swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted – no aids, flotation devices, wet suits, or holding on to the side of the pool.  Note: All practices last one hour.  Swimmers must have the endurance to swim laps continuously.
  4. All swimmers must have an understanding of all four strokes (crawl, breast, back, butterfly).
  5. Prior swim lessons are not required, but are highly recommended.
  6. The ability to execute a racing dive is not required.
  7. All swimmers will be evaluated and timed by the coaching staff during the first two weekends of practice.
  8. If, under the sole discretion of the Head Coach (with advice and counsel from the Assistant Coaches concerning safety issues and concern for the best interests of the team), a swimmer is determined to be unable to meet the requirements of the team, that swimmer will not be allowed to join the team for that year.  All registration fees paid by any swimmer that is not allowed to join the team (excluding any monies paid for team swim suits, caps, or other items preordered and prepaid that cannot be cancelled) will be refunded.
  9. If, for any reason other than described above, a swimmer elects not to continue as a participant on the team and wants a refund of registration fees (excluding any monies paid for team swim suits, caps, or other items preordered and prepaid that cannot be cancelled), he or she and/or his or her parent/guardian must notify the Head Coach and the President in writing by e-mail or regular mail on or before the Wednesday after the 6th team practice.  Absolutely no refunds of any portion of the registration fees will be permitted after that date.
  10. All swimmers are required to swim all four strokes at meets..
  11. Practices are scheduled for every Saturday and Sunday, November through March.  The practice schedule is subject to change.
  12. All swimmers are expected to attend all practices and meets.
  13. All swimmers are expected to be on time for practices and meets, allowing for time to change into appropriate swimwear.
  14. For safety and liability concerns, only registered swimmers can swim in any of the pool facilities during practices and/or meets.
  15. Siblings/friends attending practices and/or meets must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.  Any problems that may occur may jeopardize the team’s use of pool facilities.  The Head Coach reserves the right, in exercise of his reasonable discretion, to expel from the pool facilities any individual(s) that is behaving in a manner that is detrimental to the team and/or may cause injury to any swimmer or spectator and/or damage to any portion of the pool facilities.
  16. All swimmers must show respect and consideration for coaches, teammates, opponents, parents and volunteers associated with the team. All swimmers will be team players and under no circumstances will belittle the efforts of a teammate.  Opponents deserve the same respect accorded to teammates, and no taunting or other unsportsmanlike behavior will be tolerated. No verbal or physical harassment will be tolerated in any of the pool areas or locker rooms. No fighting or profanity will be tolerated in any of the pool areas or locker rooms. If a swimmer commits any of the offenses listed above, or any offense deemed to be sufficiently inappropriate or disrespectful by the Head Coach, the swimmer will receive one (1) verbal warning from the Head Coach. Should the swimmer commit a second offense, the swimmer will be suspended from all team activities for a minimum of one (1) week. Depending on the nature and severity of the verbal and/or physical harassment, the Head Coach reserves the right, in his reasonable discretion, to suspend and/or expel the swimmer for any period of time he deems appropriate for any offense.
  17. Use of the swim team roster is strictly reserved for swim team information and may not be used for any other purpose.  All requests for use of the roster must be approved by the Head Coach or the President.
  18. The Team Guidelines may be revised, amended and/or supplemented at any time, without advance notice.
  19. By registering a swimmer for the team, the swimmer and his or her parents/guardians agree to adhere to and be bound by all of the guidelines above.


Tryouts are held at the Hockomock Area YMCA in Foxboro in September. Participation in a tryout is required to join the team.
The season runs from early November to mid March

Registration 2023-2024 will be posted shortly

Once your child is accepted in the team, please use the below link to register for the Sharon Swimming Sea Eagles. Please fill out a registration form for each swimmer.

Registration Closed
Note: You must have been a team member previously, or have been approved during the tryout process to register.

Registration Fees – 2023-2024

  • $170 for the 1st child
  • $150 for the 2nd child 
  • $130 for each child thereafter in the same family

Payment will be by Paypal this year.  Please follow this link: or pay [email protected]